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Audit Service Board


The Audit Service Board serves as an advisory body to the Auditor General and senior management of the Audit Service Sierra Leone.


Members are:-
  Mr Jonathan A. Thomas (Chairman)
  Mrs Estina Kabia
  Dr. Max Ahmadu Sesay
  Mrs Marcella B Jones
  Mrs Lara Taylor-Pearce (Auditor General)

Secretary to the Board

  Mrs. Fatmata Bah


The functions of the Audit Service Board are:-
1. Appoint persons, other than the Auditor General, to hold or act in offices as members of the Audit Service and to exercise disciplinary control over such persons, including the power to suspend or remove any of them.
2. Advise the Auditor General in the administration of the Audit Service.
3. Make regulations by statutary instrument, prescribing the terms and conditions of service of members of the Audit Service after consultation with the Public Service Commission and with the approval of the President of the Republic of Sierra Leone.

Board meetings

The Board meets regularly as and when necessary.