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Auditor General Mrs Lara Taylor-Pearce Chief Executive Officer
Deputy Auditor General Mr Abdul Aziz Ministries and Local Authorities
Deputy Auditor General Mr Selvin Bell Public Enterprises
Deputy Auditor General Mr Tamba Momoh Specialised Audits
Deputy Auditor General Mrs. Adama Renner Finance and Corporate Services
Board Secretary Mrs Fatmata Bah Audit Service Board
Human Resources Manager Mrs Sheila John Human Resources Affairs
Assistant  Auditor General Mr Aiah Gbondo Tugbawa Northern Region (Makeni)
Assistant  Auditor General Mr Alie Badro-Kargbo Eastern Region (Kenema)
Assistant Auditor General Mr Philip Goba Examination Branch
Assistant Auditor General Mr Sinneh Kargbo Southern Region (Bo)
ICT Manager Mr Osman Mansaray ICT Division
Principal Auditor Mr Mohamed Juldeh Barrie Public Enterprise Division
Principal Auditor Mr Morie Lansana Ministries & Local Authorities
Principal Auditor Mr Abu Bakarr Amara Department Division
Senior Auditor Mr Marcus Jabbie Internal Audit Division
Training Manager Mr David Polite Training & Research Division
Information, Education and Communications Officer Mr Martin Sandy IEC Division
Principal Auditor Mrs Mary M. Combey Performance Audit Division
Principal Auditor Mr Alfred M Saffa Public Accounts Committee
Editor Mr Martin Royston-Wright Editorial Division
Office Manager Ms Esie Hyde Administrative Management
Financial Accountant Mr Victor Kamara Finance Division