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If you would like to comment upon the Annual Reports, Performance Audit reports, the work of the Audit Service Sierra Leone or the information on our website you can visit the ASSL Comments Forum.
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The Audit Service Sierra Leone has issued the following press releases:-
18th January 2013 download Performance Audit Report on the Rehabilitation and Maintenance of roads by SLRA tabled in Parliament
18th January 2013 download Annual Report for Financial Year 2011 issued and tabled in Parliament
18th September 2012 download Three performance audits on Potable Water Supply, Fishing Revenues and SLRTA Vehicle Examination tabled in Parliament
23rd August 2012 download Performance Audit on Anti-malaria Interventions tabled in Parliament
12th April 2012 download Local councils submit 2011 accounts for audit
11th April 2012 download Performance Audit on Agricultural Inputs tabled in Parliament
21st July 2011 download Report on Overseas Missions audit 2003-2010 issued
16th March 2010 download Performance Audit Report on Secondary Schools 2009 tabled
December 2009 download ASSL exonerated on staffing issues
June 2009 download Annual Report for 2007 issued
November 2007 download ASSL response to newspaper reports issued

The press releases may be viewed or downloaded in PDF format.  
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