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Performance Audit Reports


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Performance Audit Report on Healthcare Waste Management 2018    
Performance Audit Report on Management of Fertilizers by the Ministry of Agriculture 2018    
Performance Audit Report on School Facilities Management 2018    
Monitoring of Environmental Compliance and Enforcement by Environment Protection agency-SL    
Youths in Drainage Clearing Project by the Ministry of Youth Affairs - May 2017    
Management of Government Commercial Buses by SLRTC - May 2016    
Management of Government Residential Quarters - May 2016    
Management of Municipal Solid Waste - December 2014    
Agricultural-Mechanisation by MAFFS- Oct 2014    
Rehabilitation of feeder roads by SLRA- Oct 2014    
Allocation of State Lands - Dec 2013    
Rehabilitation of Prisoners by SLPS - Sept 2013    
SLRTA Vehicle Monitoring and Examination - Sept 2012   more info >
Fisheries Sector Revenue - Sept 2012   more info >
Supply of Potable Water - Sept 2012   more info >
Anti-malaria Interventions 2012   more info >
Distribution of Agricultural Inputs 2012   more info >
Secondary Schools 2009   more info >
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