ASSL exonerated on staffing issues

December 2009/Freetown: Allegations that the Audit Service Sierra Leone illegallyterminated the services of seven (7) of its staff has been cleared by the Solicitor General. Ina self-explanatory memorandum forwarded to the Auditor General by the Secretary to thePresident, it states that the termination of the services of the seven (7) staff was properlydone.The Board of Directors, the memorandum stated in consultation with the institution’ssolicitor has dealt with the matter and they (the Solicitor General’s Office) cannot profferany opinion contrary to what has already been proffered by the solicitor of the AuditService.Meanwhile, a set of complaints forwarded by the terminated staff to the Anti Corruption(ACC) accusing the Audit Service of administrative anomalies has also been cleared.The ACC in a letter to the Auditor General stated that after examining the said complaints, aconclusion was reached that there was no breach of any administrative procedures; therelevant provisions of the Audit Service Act and the Conditions of Service were fullycomplied with in the termination of the services of the complainants. 

Audit Service Sierra Leone continues to be a respected, agile, merit-based and ethically transparent institution. We are very much concerned on the calibre of staff we maintain due to the sensitivity of the nature of our job. To maintain our integrity, we have over the years put polices in place to ensure that members of staff maintain their respect and dignity in and out of office.

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Please. Contact:The Information, Education and Communication Officer 9th Youyi BuildingFreetown

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