ASSL response to newspaper reports issued


This release is principally set down in reaction to recent media reports thataccuse the Audit Service of mal-administration, misappropriation of fundsand other forms of corruption.In our reaction, may we submit that the reports in question are not onlybaseless but also unfounded and lack contention. Responsible journalistshave always deemed it fit that they cross-check information before going topress, lest they might cause damage.In this scenario, however, the papers’ fraternity would have exhibitedprofessionalism if they had explored means to contact us in their ardentattempt to ascertain the veracity or mendacity of the allegations. Therefore,it goes without saying that all alleged or purported are one side of the storydeliberately and unfairly tailored to mar the splendid image of personalitiesand perhaps the rest of the Service.Be that as it may, we hold the belief or conviction that our own side of thestory shall inevitably set the records straight.

Our reactions are as attachedAuditor GeneralCopy: The Hon Minister of Information, Broadcasting and Communication The Secretary to President The Chairman, Independent Media Commission (IMC) The President of Sierra Leone Association of Journalist (SLAJ) The Director, Coalition of Civil Society and Human Rights Activists Sierra Leone The Secretary General, Sierra Leone Association of Journalist (SLAJ)

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