November 2009 Freetown.

In its bid to continually improve the capacity of its staff and achieving its goal by following established international standards in auditing, seventeen technical staff have been trained on the purpose and features of Procurement Auditing. The training was geared towards improving the standards of procurement audit and ensuring that the trained auditors in turn will train their colleagues in the field.

The three days training was organised by the Division of Research, Training and Development in collaboration with the UK Department for International Development (DFID) project.

Some participants at the training

The training among other issues discussed highlighted the two main purposes of procurement auditing which is to first provide assurance about whether the entity has acted regularly or impropriety in its administration and secondly to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the entity’s internal control for preventing and detecting irregularity or impropriety.

During the training the resource person, Jan-Erik Falth, said the training is one of dialogue and sharing of experiences. He admonished participants to know the skills involved in examining internal control systems during auditing. This Mr. Falth noted is a prerequisite for all kinds of auditing.

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