19th May 2011

The Audit Service Sierra Leone held a retirement dinner in honour of the former Auditor General, Mrs Anna Caesar, at the Bank of Sierra Leone Complex on the 19th May 2011. Mrs Caesar worked for the then Audit Department, Auditor General’s Department and Audit Service Sierra Leone for forty-five years. She retired in March 2011.

The programme was chaired by the Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Fourah Bay College, Mrs Bernadette Cole.

In her opening remarks, Mrs Cole thanked the staff of ASSL for giving her the opportunity to chair a programme in honour of someone who deserved to be honoured. She explained that her friendship with the Guest of Honour, Mrs Caesar, spanned for over 50 years as they started school together, sitting the Common Entrance Examination, General Certificate Examinations Ordinary and Advanced Levels together.

She pointed out that she admired Mrs Caesar for holding the record of the longest serving officer of the Audit Service with an unbroken record of forty-five years. Mrs Cole highlighted that she spoke to staff about Mrs Caesar and that they described her as a very accommodating and friendly person with so much dedication to her work.

The Acting Auditor General, Mrs Lara Taylor Pearce, described Mrs Caesar as a woman of excellence who had contributed a lot to the Audit Service. She stated that she had learnt a lot during Mrs Caesar’s tenure of office as Auditor General. She also expressed satisfaction over the work done by Mrs Caesar adding that staff of ASSL would always remember her for her immense contribution to the ASSL.

As part of the celebration, the Secretary to the Board, Mrs Ayodele Cream-Wright, who will be retiring this year, was also honoured. In her speech, Mrs Ayodele Cream-Wright stated that her career at the Civil and Public Service spanned a total of forty years. She reiterated that Audit Service would always be special to her because whilst working for the Audit Service she was able to enhance her career to the highest peak by registering as an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Secretaries and Administrators. She wished Mrs Caesar a happy retirement and thanked the Chairmen and members of the past and present ASSL Boards she had worked with.

The Guest of Honour, Mrs Anna Caesar, thanked the Board, Management and Staff of ASSL for organising such a wonderful occasion to honour her. She urged all staff of ASSL to be committed to their work adding that their integrity should not be bought at any price so that they will be able to fight corruption in the country. She appealed to the Acting Auditor General, Mrs Lara Taylor-Pearce, to do what she (Mrs Caesar) had failed to do. Mrs Caesar encouraged all the donors supporting ASSL to assist in the building of the new office for ASSL, as one of her regrets was that the construction of the headquarters would not be completed during her tenure.

She thanked the Government for giving her all the necessary support adding that both the past and present Presidents had been very much supportive to her whilst in office.

Freetong Players performing
Staff and guests at the dinner

The Freetong Players, a popular theatre group, entertained staff and guests with songs and short drama pieces during the programme.

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