Audit Service reviews 2013 Work Plan

22nd July, 2013

ASSL Staff

Audit Service Sierra Leone held its Mid-Year Review Workshop at the Hill Valley Hotel on Thursday 18th July, 2013.

The programme was organised so that Divisional Heads would discuss their achievements and challenges during the last six months.

The Deputy Auditor General, Finance and Corporate Service, Mrs Adama Renner who chaired the programme, welcomed staff to the workshop and encouraged them to highlight their accomplishments and challenges in relation to the Annual Work Plan. She noted that participation was very important as that was why the number of Technical staff was increased to three in a division.

Speaking on the Quality Assurance, Mr Albert Lamin, Senior Auditor said that there was need for people to appreciate Quality Assurance. Quality Assurance he said, was the degree to which numeric characteristic of audit fulfilled requirement. He noted that in any audit undertaken, the work should be significant, reliable, objective, relevance, timeliness, clarity, efficiency and effectiveness. He stressed that in the absence of these characteristics, the work would be questionable. Introducing  Quality Control, he said it consists of systems and practices designed to ensure that a Supreme Audit Institution issued reports that were appropriate to the circumstances and in accordance with the applicable legislation and standards.

Mr Morie Lansana, Principal Auditor and Head of Southern Region Division said that they had received responses and verified the six councils in the south. He also said that they carried out 15 regularity audit even though they had planned to do seven in the Annual Operational Plan. Commenting on the Responses from the Councils, Mr Lansana stressed that the councils responded to the Management Letters in less than 25 days adding that it had never happened in the past as they had been known for sending late responses to the ASSL. He noted that there should be collaboration with the Public Financial Management Reform Unit (PFMRU) which organises training for the Local Councils. He pointed out that some of the trainings organised by PFMRU  in the past obstructed the work of ASSL. Mr. Lansana also said that his division had the fewest staff and this hindered the job.

The Internal Auditor, Mr Alpha Bakarr Kamara commended the Management of ASSL for giving him the support to succeed in what he achieved since January, 2013. He that his role as an internal Auditor was to ensure that ASSL became a role model in the field of Auditing so that when the External Auditors would be auditing ASSL, they would not find any fault with the institution.

In his presentation on behalf of the Examination Branch, Mr Mohamed Mustapha said that the Division had only three MDAs to Audit; the Accountant General’s office, Ministry of Finance and Economic Development (MoFED) and the Public Accounts. He noted that the delays in submission of documents by the auditees were  major constraints they faced during the 2012 audit year.

Various Divisional Heads also gave updates of their work since January to June 2013. They were also advised to be delegating duties to staff in their divisions.

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