Audit Service reviews 2014 Work Plan

3rd July 2014

ASSL Staff

The Audit Service Sierra Leone (ASSL) held its 2014 Mid-Year Review Workshop at the Barmoi Hotel on Tuesday 1st July, 2014. The programme was organised so that divisional heads can discuss their achievements and challenges during the last six months.

The programme was chaired by the Deputy Auditor General, Finance and Corporate Service, Mrs Adama Renner

She welcomed staff to the workshop and encouraged them to highlight their accomplishments and challenges in relation to the 2014 Annual Work Plan that was presented during the Strategic Planning meeting in December, 2013.

Mrs Renner gave an update on a leadership workshop she attended in South Africa in June 2014; together with Mr Abdul Aziz, Deputy Auditor General, Ministries and Local Authorities. The workshop was organised by AFROSAI-E. It was specifically for Deputy Auditors General or positions just below the Auditor General.  She said the purpose of the workshop was to see how senior managers can help their SAIs to stay relevant in their job.

The Auditor General, Mrs Lara Taylor-Pearce in her opening statement said that according to the statistics she had received from the Public Accounts Committee division, ASSL is improving and commended staff for doing a good job. She stressed on the need for managers to be giving feedbacks to staff after attending workshops and other meetings.

Mrs Taylor-Pearce said she did a presentation in Tanzania during a workshop organised by the National Audit Office of Tanzania in June this year. She told the workshop that the Tanzanian government had been giving more support to the National Audit Office of Tanzania for their performance. She urged divisional heads to do their best so that the government will be more impressed with the ASSL and thereby give more support to the institution.

Various divisional heads gave updates on their work from January to June 2014. They highlighted the number of audits or duties that have been completed or incomplete.
They also emphasize on the challenges they encountered during the job and the mechanisms that have been employed to complete their tasks.

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