Change Champion Committee Sensitizes ASSL Staff

29th March 2013

ASSL Staff

The Change Champion Committee (CCC) of Audit Service Sierra Leone (ASSL) met with staff of ASSL in Freetown and sensitized them on key issues relating to the welfare and development of staff.

The Head of the CCC, Mrs Olayinka Brenda Williams said that the CCC was borne out of an idea the HR manager had when she attended an AFROSAI-E HR Managers workshop on managing the HR functions within a Supreme Audit Institution (SAI).

She pointed out that the rationale behind the CCC is for the change process to be effectively managed within the ASSL. she noted that Change Champions are selected from across the organization and charged with the responsibility of championing change throughout the organization, soliciting feedback on change issues and helping staff “walk” through the process of developing a more effective organization.

In a meeting with messengers and drivers on the 20th March, 2013, Mrs Williams appealed to staff to have respect for working hours and be in their offices during such time in a bid to meet their targets for the day. She advised drivers to always make themselves available when they were on assignment with their bosses. She also advised messengers that they were not working for individuals but ASSL even though they may be assigned to an office yet they should not be limited to that office or individual. Mrs Williams also stated that staff should respect their bosses even if they had been friends in the past adding that they should know the manner in which they address them. ”you should support your bosses by working hand in glove with them and obey their instructions” said Mrs Williams. She also said that the culture in Sierra Leone was quite different from Europe and therefore urged staff to be addressing their managers in a respectable manner by using titles in front of their names.

Mr Unisa Turay, member of the Committee said that CCC was set up to bridge the gap between management and staff. He pointed out that since the 2011 Auditor General’s Report was tabled in Parliament, it had generated the public to know how ASSL was working. Talking about how to manage the Home and Job, Mr Turay said that staff should know what to do during working hours and what not to do. He cautioned staff to be more committed to their job as it was the office that provided for them finance which was used in the home. He also appealed to staff to respect their bosses irrespective of sex, age, friendship, family ties or past experiences. He stressed that respect should be given to the position the individual occupied.

Mr Leonard Dyke, another member of CCC stated that creating a good working relationship with colleagues would make their job easier for them. He stressed that as staff of ASSL, their responsibility was to deliver and in delivering they should have respect for those in authority. He reiterated that despite their individual differences, staff should know how to relate with their colleagues adding that they were not at ASSL to compete but to work as a team. Mr Dyke also advised colleagues not to eat or sleep in the office during working hours.

Responding to the statements from members of the CCC, Mr Idrissa Mossima, Senior Driver counselled his colleagues to be more committed in their job and show great respect to their bosses. He advised them to be punctual in the office regardless of the distance from home.

In a meeting with staff at Lotto Building on the 26th March, 2013, Mrs Williams said the idea of having CCC came up the previous year in a bid to help staff develop at ASSL. She said that since then, CCC had made certain proposals to Management which had been implemented. She advised staff to be punctual in the office and try as best as they could to meet their targets always. She advised them to always negotiate with their colleagues or bosses if for any reason they were unable to meet their targets. She encouraged staff to desist from eating and sleeping in the office during working hours and work hard for the monies they receive every month. Talking about Promotion, She said that Promotion was not automatic as it depended on a series of issues like performance, qualification and experience.

Michael Priddy, member of the committee stated that staff should know how to handle their office job and home priorities adding that the office job should be the most important. He appealed to staff to work hard in a bid to bring development to the institution. “For us to achieve, we need to have respect for our colleagues irrespective of the age, sex or experience” Said Mr Priddy. He concluded that there was a need for staff to support their colleagues as brothers and sisters in meeting their targets.

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