Operational Planning Workshop for 2013

17th December 2012

Audit Service Sierra Leone held an Operational Planning Workshop at the Hotel Barmoi, Freetown, on the 17th and 18th December 2012. During the Operational Workshop, the senior management and division heads of ASSL reported on their activities for 2012 and the plans for their work in 2013.

The Auditor General, Mrs Lara Taylor-Pearce, in her statement to the workshop said that the plans presented will take effect from January 2013.

The workshop gave opportunities to assess overall ASSL performance for 2012 and use the challenges as a base for their work in the 2013. Mrs. Taylor-Pearce stated that the operations of ASSL had been overhauled during 2012.

In a bid to encourage staff to work hard and meet their objectives, the Auditor General said that “Winners offer solutions and losers give excuses, and you must have the spirit of a winner”.

She advised all Divisional Heads to include in their presentations the budget needed to undertake their activities for 2013. The Auditor General stressed that during 2013 ASSL would focus on key areas such procurement, revenue and performance targets set out by the ministries, departments and agencies.

The Deputy Auditor General, Finance and Corporate Service, Mrs. Adama Renner who chaired the programme informed staff that the purpose of the Workshop was to provide a forum to review and discuss the work plans, and reconcile with the overall plan of ASSL.

She pointed out that the Divisional Heads should indicate in their presentations the budgets required for their activities, the key risk anticipated in undertaking the task, and link them to the longer-term Audit Service Operational Plan 2010–2015.

Mr Kevin Hughes, PKF Consultant, in his presentation on the institutional planning stated that it is important for an institution to plan its work before operation in order to have a perfect outcome. He highlighted that planning helps an institution or individual to know what should be done, how to do it, when to do it and who should do it. He also stated that proper planning would ensure continuity of work even when there is a change of personnel and that the whole team would know the objectives to focus on for a positive outcome.

Heads of Divisions gave an overview of their operations in 2012 with emphasis on the successes and challenges.
Divisional Heads from the Corporate Services highlighted the planned activities completed and those not completed; the reasons for not completing the planned activities and the unplanned activities that were carried out in 2012.
The Auditing Divisions gave the number of planned audits undertaken and those not carried out, unplanned audits carried out and the reasons for not completing certain audits.

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