11th April 2012.

The Performance Audit Report on Distributing Agricultural Inputs has been tabled in Parliament on the 11th April 2012.

The purpose of this performance audit was to assess the economy, efficiency and effectiveness of the Distribution of Agricultural Inputs by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forests and Food Security (MAFFS).

The focus has been on seed rice and tractors, which were the key components of the agricultural inputs procured by the Government as part of its strategy to increase productivity in food cultivation and promote exports, with the aim of improving food availability and increasing agricultural export earnings.

As the Supreme Audit Institution (SAI) of Sierra Leone, the Audit Service Sierra Leone
(ASSL) is set on expanding the scope of external audit. In addition to our traditional role in Regularity Audit, we have established Performance Auditing as one of the services provided by the ASSL.

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