16th January 2008

The Audit Service Sierra Leone started the year 2008 by doing the right things the first time around. The right things being the Strategy Development Planning covering the period 2008-2013.

The workshop was held at the Kimbima Hotel, Freetown, from Wednesday 16th to Friday 18th January 2008 and Monday 21st January 2008.

Key stakeholders were invited to participate in the workshop and the Audit Service was able to conduct a dialogue with them on pertinent issues of common interest.

The Deputy Speaker of Parliament who is also Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee and a representative from Anti-Corruption Commission.

A representative from the Ministry of Finance, Internal Audit, Mrs. Olayinka Philips, reacting to a few issues raised by participants during the workshop.

The Accountant General, Mr. Cyprian Kamaray making a point as one of the key stakeholders.

Mr. David Sheku, a member of the Audit Service Board, making a point in one of the sessions.

The Acting Auditor General, Mr. Leslie S. Johnson, receiving a Certificate of Participation from Mrs. Alice Lansana, a member of the Audit Service Board.

Senior members of staff of the Audit Service Sierra Leone at the workshop.

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